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Sunday, 31 May 2015


I got that summertime, summertime sadness
S-s-summertime, summertime sadness
Got that summertime, summertime sadness
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh



Ya I have got summertime sadness alongwith the summertime madness..
See the expressions I have given on this post, I will either kill myself or someone else.
But I do love what I am wearing, it did calm me down..

And I really hope you too are wearing something, which is not making you lose your mind over a little little silly things, Its so important these days ;P

I am in a musical mood today, and the title of this post is one of my "most heard song"...
I like it, I like it!!

Most of you must have heard and liked it too, likewise do love my post too :D

Loose shirts, loose paisley printed shorts, a hanging necklace, sunglasses, a handbag and flats and we all are good to go, even if its for brunch with the best ladies of the world "MY FRIENDS"

This is my most of the times "GETAWAY LOOK"

Its so comfy!!!

Hope you like the simple ME!!

Today's Post

Top: Benetton
Shirt: Benetton
Shorts: Southern Cotton
Necklace: Thrifted
Handbag: Oriflame
Sunglasses: H&M
Shoes: Dolci

Like I always say, Keep it Simple!!



Saturday, 23 May 2015



Hey Beautiful Girls!

How are you?
As usual I am at my best, Thank you so much for asking!

I am a beach person and whenever I feel overwhelmed I feel like going out on a beach and relax, the sound of waves, the feel of sand on my bare foot, the beautiful sunset, and the breath of fresh air, just soothes my spirit, I feel like going to beach todayyyyyy.

But unfortunately can't find any beach in Delhi, Delhi sucks sometimes, but most of the times its good ;)

I wish I just pack my bags, leave my worries (work) behind and buy a ticket of GOA and stay there as long as I could, until my heart realises that "Aditi get up, life is much more than relaxing in GOA :P

AHHHHHH... it sound so fun!

Inspired by all my inner thoughts, I have come up with this look.
"The Goan Look"
"The look has everything which I love to carry when I am out for a Beach Vacation"
Hope you like it!

Today's Post
Dress: El Corte Ingles
Hat: Roxy
Watch: Fossil
Scarf: Sfera
Sunglasses: H&M
Ballerina: Thrifted



Monday, 18 May 2015

Bohemian ME!

I am a Bohemian,

- Annette Tatum

Hey Guys!

Its so hotttt!
I am so Hotttt :P

I hope this summer ends soon, I am so damn frustrated.
Delhi is bad in this weather.
Everyone thinks like that for their city :D
I am no different.

I am personally a cold weather lover, I wish it never end's
but Hard luck, I cant rule this world as well as weather

But I am glad, I am the one who can rule how I look and be the ruler in that case..

And you all can be the one too, its just a matter of 2 things
loving yourself and 
loving what you wear 
even if means messing up your closet everytime :D

And you will shine like a bright star :)
Look inspire your thoughts too!

Today's Post

Top: SRC
White Pants: H & M
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Head Accessory: Warehouse
Shoes: Zara
Fringe Jacket : Next

Hope you like it guys!

And feel inspired too!



Friday, 1 May 2015

"COACHELLA Inspired"

"Dressing well is a form of Good Manners"
-Tom Ford

Hey Guys!

I so want to go to COACHELLA Music Festival.
It will be like dream come true...
So I thought why not try something which I would have wore if I would be attending this Indie music festival called one and only COACHELLA, held in California every year in Spring.

So this look is inspired by that.
I just love Music, I can't live without it, I know who doesn't like Music but still I am crazy about it :D

I wish someday I will have the privilege to attend this festival every year.
And trust me I want to look exactly like I look right now, at this very moment :P

Every piece I am wearing is in trend and you know it :)

Denim is in these days and everyone knows that but did you know the Denim blazers are in as well, I brought one for myself and I will suggest you to buy one for your self, Don't you think it's Sexy ??

Today's Sexy Look

Top: El Corte Ingles
Shorts: Warehouse
Denim Long Jacket: Big Time USA
Slip On: Carlton
Belt: Thrifted
Sling Bag: Free People
Head Band: Urban Outfitters

Hope you like it!



Sunday, 26 April 2015



Hey Guys!

Happy Weekend!
Even though its an end of a perfect weekend, but still we are left with some time. we can still do the million things that we want too, so will suggest to go out and LIVE IT UP :D

I had a perfect weekend, out with my school bestie, dancing around, singing out loud, hopping from one place to another, enjoying Sangria, making fun of dancing monkey's, eating at hot places, clicking selfie and teasing each other.....
Sound so alive, doesn't it ??

So will suggest you to go out, have fun and enjoy your young life as much as you can, because these are the moments that you are going to cherish for life...

Love you all my friends :)

So this is the look that I carried, for the fun that I am going to have today..
Who said I am done for the week :P

Thought of dropping by a quick post before leaving...
As I love you guys too!!

So see below, What I am wearing today, and get inspire ;)

Dress: El Corte Ingles
Clutch: Oriflame
Heels: Inc 5
Watch: Fossil




Sunday, 19 April 2015


How I Miss Fringe!
Where Is The Fringe Today?
Fringe Was There In Twenties-As It Was There In Sixties- Because Of The Dancing..
The Dancing........The Music!!!
-Diana Vreeland

Hi Beauties!!

How have you been??

I am happy as always!! Thanks for asking :D

As you can guess from my appearance, I am in a very fringy mood today.

Since it is summer, I just love minimals, And I will suggest this to you too, shape doesn't matter, what matters is you are not too hot, as it can ruin your entire day, mood, outfit and what not.
Don't you think??

In today's post, I have paired myself in a fringe beaded black skirt, with a thin thin T-shirt, with a white converse shoes and a sling bag, and of course a watch and sunglasses, you are just incomplete without them.

T-shirt : Vero Moda
Skirt: El Corte Ingles
Shoes: Koovs
Sling Bag: Oriflame
Sunglass: BCBG
Watch: Guess
Bangles: Pagani

Hope you like it!

Always remember to keep it stylish!!



Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Backpack | Check | Neon | Lace

"I don't see boundaries between styles, such as modern and contemporary..
I have collected each piece from different experience or period of my life"
-Carlos Miele 

Hey Guys!!

So who all are in full on "Holi Mood" ??
We "the fashionable duos" love colors and we feel like celebrating this years Holi with full on enthusiasm and would suggest the same to you...

Go out and celebrate the festival of colors and have fun, teasing your besties and family :DD

Anyways In today's post I am dressed like"a lazy ass", this is how I get dressed up, when I am too tired too move my ass and work, even though this feeling only comes when you work hard and trust me I do work ;P

But I don't think I am dressed badly, what do you think??
I am dressed well because I know I have got good taste :D
Everyone has got it, but you have to show your true colors, once you have found it, you will be in rock n roll phase, you can be the ruler, the princess or the queen of the world..

So guys Happy Holiiiiiiii!!!!

Today's Post
Scarf : Urban Outfitters
Backpack: Warehouse NZ
Shirt: Southern Cotton
Shoes: Adidas
Pants: Vero Moda

Hope you like it!!